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Disconnected Ramblings from an Interesting and Creative Mind

“I suffer from Attention Deficit –… ooh, shiny!” **pounces**

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I joined for fanfic reasons; it’s a place where I can post what I write, and get feedback, and how awesome is that? Unfortunately, I tend to write at the speed of a snail … unless it’s drabbles, or the “70 Questions” deal — that I still have a backlog of in my notebook, and a whole lot more in my head — maybe I’ll get it up here one of these days.

Anyway, I’ve been a fanfic reader since about ’98, when I was too young to be reading most of the stuff I found on my own. My dad got me involved … you might know him in fanfiction … A guy named aadler. (Hey, he finally posted it, now I can, too.) Watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer and later Angel was something we could do together, and did. When he started writing, I started reading. He’d pull up stories for me to read. I finally tried my hand, and I’m still at it. I can definitely see improvement in myself, and there are some things that will never, ever see the light of day … mainly because I deleted them from the computer. Hey, I’m all for “everything being worth reading for someone”, except A) this wasn’t worth writing, and B) I got mad, and deleted it.

I’m an actress in Covenant Players, a traveling drama ministry, which I’ve been doing since 2004. In 2006 I was on the China Phoenix unit, touring Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, mainland China, and South Korea. I’m currently on the Great Rivers Unit, covering Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma.

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