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It seems like other people should have, but when I do a search, all that comes up is a Castle fanfic and a Southland fic, both titled “End of Watch”. Which is weird, because I have had these characters in my head since I came out of the theatre the weekend the movie came out. I got tired of looking for this story and decided to write it. Notes will be at the end.

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Okay, first, a disclaimer: I am currently tripping balls, thanks to codeine I had to take for a migraine. (Fun fact: when I tried to tell a friend that I took codeine, my autocorrect changed it to “I took cocaine”. Because apparently that’s a thing I do? I promise that I have never taken cocaine. Are you kidding me? I’m allergic to marijuana; these people at Wal-Mart reeked of it last Spring — I think it was Spring — and I had a three day migraine from it that was bad enough my parents had to come get me because I couldn’t drive myself anywhere. If I were the type to do drugs, which I emphatically am not, that right there would kill any desire to try anything.)

I told the spouse-type-creature (you know, the one that turns into an octopus) about the autocorrect to cocaine, and he told me it’s okay, I’m not pregnant, so I can also jump on a trampoline and drink alcohol. I laughed.

All of our extra money just got eaten up by an emergency repair to our vehicle yesterday. The window got stuck partway down, just enough you can reach an arm in. There are two problems with that, unfortunately. One is that Spouse-Type-Creature works in a high crime area. Oh, he’s perfectly safe, but leaving a vehicle with a window like that is pretty much begging someone to steal your car. We need our car, not least of which so we can drive to Rome. The other problem is that we are in Ireland. The land of rain. If someone miraculously didn’t steal the car, the interior would be ruined. So the window got fixed, but it ate up all our margin that we’ve stocked away, and now we get to spend the next few weeks living on pasta and milk again. Oh, well. I tell you, I’ve had more milk in the last month than I have in... pretty much the last year, actually. I really didn’t drink milk a lot. It’s just not something I liked all that much. But the milk in Ireland is really good. I’m going to miss it while we’re in Rome. I’m looking forward to the drive, though. We’re going to buy a scrapbook and I’m going to pick up post cards whenever we stop for petrol. I used to have a really great post card collection, and I’m going to start it back up. It’s a shame that I don’t have my post cards from my time in Asia, but oh well.

I have quite a bit written for what will end up being the first book of a series, and I’m rather happy with it. I’m having to do research again; everything I’d previously researched was lost. I have a pretty good memory, but I’m having to refresh my memory on things. Of course, it helps that I’m making up the location, but it’s still based off of a real place, and I want to make sure that little details are as correct as I can get them.

I miss world-building. It’s good to be doing it again.

Sometimes my husband is a starfish

I don’t know how else to describe it. He’ll be asleep and try to wrap around me and it’s like he’s a starfish or am octopus or something. And we both put out a lot of heat when we sleep, so I try to scootch away and sometimes end up falling out of bed.

He also talks in his sleep, which is hilarious. (I have permission to share this stuff, by the way). I first learned about his talking in his sleep a few years ago, when we’d take naps together, and he woke me up on two occasions and I was a little bleary. In one, he woke me up demanding to know how I was planning on getting to my audition. I asked him what audition and he grumbled, “Well, I guess it’s not that important to you, is it!” and rolled over and went back to sleep. Another time, he woke me up because “the toilet was overflowing” and he needed to help his da fix it, and he needed me to get his tools. I asked what tools and he hit me with his pillow and told me/yelled at me that if I wouldn’t be helpful to just go back to sleep. So I smacked him in the face with his pillow and rolled over. In the past few months, I’ve discovered that if I talk to him after he’s talked to me, we can have a hilarious conversation. Like the time he woke up, irate that people wanted a pat on the back for doing what they should have been doing. Something about insurance, apparently. Or the time he said “All the stuff” and I asked what stuff, and he replied with “In the closet behind the angry walrus”. So now, when he talks to me in his sleep, I’ll ask questions or argue with him, just to see what comes next.

We made shortbread the other night. It’s a simple recipe, three-two-one, with flour, butter, and sugar. Since we didn’t have caster sugar and only had regular sugar, it was more of an experiment than anything else, but boy howdy, was it good when it came out of the oven. At two in the morning, because that’s when I wanted shortbread. We’ll be making more tomorrow. We made a really good broccoli chowder last night. I want to make it again. He knows more recipes than I do, but I tend to be better at winging things, or finding a recipe and deviating from it. Though he is very, very good at cooking meat.

I’ve started writing an OF series. My goal is to do two books a year, and I have ten books planned, with titles and concepts. I’m behind on where I want to be with it, because I’ve been slammed by stomach flus and colds. I’ve also been reading a lot of fanfic, and have gone on a “Snape adopts Harry” kick. Luckily, there are a lot of those out there, and I like most of the ones I’ve found so far. Sassy Harry is great, especially when Severus calls him on his crap. I should probably explain something, though: I think that Severus Snape is a fascinating character. I think that Alan Rickman did a fantastic job playing him, and I can’t imagine anyone else in the role. However, I do not like canon-Severus, because the way he was treated at school does not excuse his treatment of students as a teacher. Particularly his treatment of Neville Longbottom. I also think that the age discrepancy has a lot to do with it: Snape was only 29 or 30 in the first book, and Alan Rickman was around 55 at the filming of the first movie. It’s more understandable, though still not exactly forgivable, for a teacher that young to have a hard time not making students pay for what their fathers did. So. I’m fascinated by canon-Snape, but I don’t necessarily like him. Fanfic!Snape, however, when written the right way, is fascinating and likeable. The best Severus Snape stories that I’ve found don’t negate his bad qualities at all, but they do bring his good qualities more to the forefront, and provide him with a lot of growth. If you really think about it, Harry, Hermione, and Ron all grew, but most of the background characters stayed the same. I can’t help but think that Severus Snape, in a more experienced author’s hands, could have been fascinating and likeable. But I feel that way about a lot of things in Harry Potter, so.

I really like talking meta on things. I’ve missed it a lot.

Sad Horse

I feel like Artax and Atreyu in Never-Ending Story, walking through the Swamp of Sadness, and I know I should be Atreyu and keep going, but right now, I’m just a sad horse sinking in the swamp.

I’ll be okay. I just gotta keep slogging through.
Other than my dad, of course. And that’s more than fine by me.

But that’s also why I’m okay with putting something here that’s not going up on my Facebook. Because you guys don’t know my real life name or my Facebook account or anything like that, and I’m so excited that I’m fit to burst.

Burst, I tell you.

So. Got married in July. Had our honeymoon, went at it like newly married bunnies a few times, he left to go back to Ireland and we celebrated marriage rather … vigorously … before he left in August. Around the beginning of September, I started dealing with stomach issues and couldn’t keep food down and I was tired all the time. Had a freakishly vivid dream, took a pregnancy test, it was negative.

Throwing up started getting worse in October, my boobs were getting bigger (since July, I’ve gone from a Q cup to a U cup), took more pregnancy tests, they were negative.

Got to the point where the only things I can keep down are: California Rolls, Cheese-its, Beef Jerky, and oranges. Oh, and roast beef. Tired all the time and my back has been killing me. Caught sight of myself in the mirror and realized that my stomach is more … baby-bump-ish than it has ever been and my stomach is damn hard to the touch underneath the layer of fat that I have. Took another pregnancy test on Thursday morning.


Took more pregnancy tests in more brands.


So, because I’m capable of doing basic math, I know that I’m at 14 weeks. I’ll be going to the doctor as soon as I can set up an appointment. I’m really excited about this.

I’d be a lot happier if I weren’t having to pee all the time and if I could keep food down because, seriously, I can’t afford that much sushi (I attempted to make it tonight. It didn’t work well.), but honestly, I can handle throwing up.

But, yeah. That’s the news. I’m pregnant! (And, yes, my dad was told. This is not my way of telling him.)

Oct. 31st, 2014

Round 4.2 of the Circle of Friends Remix is now open for reading at cof_remix.

Title: Love is Only Heaven Away (The "Ghost in You" Remix)
Author: sroni
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Not mine. These characters belong to Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy.
Original Story:Absent Ghost” by velvetwhip, though this was also influenced by All The Saints Are Dragons after I started remixing Absent Ghost.

“Love is Only Heaven Away”Collapse )


I’ve dislocated my shoulder and I’m on hydrocodone. I can share the adventures of the ER, if people are interested. And I’m doing some writing! I might have to re-do it when I’m, you know, not high as balls, but I’m at least getting it out.
Round 4.1 of the Circle of Friends Remix is now open for reading at cof_remix.

(Sorry I was late!)

Title: Falling From Your Grace (the “Same Old Chains” Remix)
Author: sroni
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Not mine. Faith, Buffy and Connor/Stephen are the creation of Joss Whedon; Scotty and Dex are the creation of evil_little_dog.
Original Story:Trappings” by evil_little_dog.

“Falling From Your Grace”Collapse )


I guess a few quick things

One: I’M MARRIED! Irish and I got married a few weeks ago, and I’ve been adjusting to this. ☺

Two: I was nominated at No Rest for the Wicked (wicked_awards)! I’ll put a pretty button up at a time that is not four in the morning. I happen to love the story that was nominated (“I Kissed a Girl”), and I happen to find it interesting that I’ve been nominated for two awards, and both of them were from the same story. Hey, if a story’s going to be getting that recognition, it happens to be one of my favorites, even if I wrote it in a manner of hours as a tide-over until aadler could finish his story.

Three: It’s four in the morning.